Tough and Durable, the Ford F-150 Remains the Best

The Ford F-150 pickup truck has been at the forefront of full-size trucks for many years. Despite the competition, the Ford F-150 remains the epitome of what a truck should be. Tough and durable, the Ford F-150 has all the power, ruggedness and capability that drivers have come to expect.

The Ford F-150 is not only strong, but it is also light in build. Made with military-grade, high-strength aluminum alloy, this truck has passed extreme tests as to the durability of this heat-treated and hardened aluminum and come out on top. 

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Dive into the Performance Features of the Ford Explorer

Ford has come out with some amazing new vehicles in its latest lineup. The 2018 Explorer is a highlight from the list. With its latest body style being praised for style, the engine is just as powerful as you'd expect from the American automaker. At its base, the Explorer puts out 290-horsepower from a 3.5-liter V6 engine. Even though the SUV has a rugged exterior, the handling is quite agile and lightweight with power steering that lets you cut around corners when needed.

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Enjoy A Ride in The Passenger Friendly Ford C-Max

The 2018 Ford C-Max is prepared to meet the challenge of demanding drivers and passengers. The car is equipped with an interior that can safely hold up to five occupants. The cloth seats are available in the SE model of the car. The C-Max Hybrid Titanium has leather seat options available.

The 2018 C-Max displays versatility and can accommodate passengers and cargo. The rear seating area is adjustable and allows the driver to make room for both persons and equipment. There is also unique storage areas for items such as laptops and tablets.

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Take a Closer Look at the Ford Focus Electric

The Ford Focus line of cars was originally released to grab ford a segment of the booming small and economy car market. Over the years, Ford's answer to Japanese automakers has been seen as a reliable commuter econobox. That would technically be correct- but Ford is also using the platform to test unique and innovative new models like the all-electric version and the Focus ST.

The all-electric Ford Focus has decent range- on a good charge it can go for roughly 200 miles with normal driving. The interior is very accommodating yet simple. The dash has a digital gauge…

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Take a Gander at the New Escape at Interstate Ford

The small and midsized SUV market is very crowded right now. Millennial buyers are shying away from minivans in droves, and small SUVs like the Ford Escape are taking over the market share once occupied by vans. While the Escape was designed to primarily be a cargo and people mover it also has some off-road capability if that is your thing.

The Ford Escape comes with a pretty well-apportioned cabin compared to other offerings in this range. There are many creature comforts like passenger air, passenger airbags, and many USB plugs throughout the car.

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Which Ford Expedition Interior Features Do You Like the Most?

Welcome to the 2018 Ford Expedition, a full-size SUV with driver and passenger interior features that are designed with your comfort in mind. If you are tired of hearing all the noise of traffic when you drive, the active noise canceling system eliminates it. It cancels out the engine, transmission and wind sounds.

The front seats are heated and ventilated, which keeps you comfy if you have a long drive ahead of you. Your legs will not get as tired, and your back won't get all sweaty after a long day of driving. The leather-trimmed seats are smooth to…

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Ford Super Duty Makes the Best Even Better

The Ford Super Duty is the go-to the truck when you want durability and power, but do not want to sacrifice ride, handling, or steering control. When people have a tough job to do or a big payload to haul, they depend on the Ford Super Duty to get the work done quickly and easily. The secret to its super strength lies in superior engineering.

The Ford Super Duty has always been one of the best pickup trucks in its category, but Ford decided that this year they could make it even better. They added heavy duty military grade aluminum…

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Tech Loving Drivers Will Flock to The All-New Ford Taurus

Drivers who are looking for a new vehicle that is full of technology features should look no further than the all-new Ford Taurus. The Taurus has long been a leader in its class thanks to its elegant styling, industry leading safety features, and its reputation for quality and reliability.

Drivers of the all-new Taurus from Ford are going to enjoy all of the innovative technology features that are built into the car, including:

To see all of these features along with everything else that the all-new Ford Taurus has to offer, come on down to our showroom here at Interstate…

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Know When Your Tries Need to be Replaced

As consumers, we try to make things last as long as possible. One example is the tires for our vehicle. Unfortunately, tires don’t last forever and will need to be replaced eventually. If you’re uncertain about your tires’ lifespan, visit us at Interstate Ford, and we’ll help advise you.

To ensure you’re always driving on good tires, it’s important to know when your tires need replacing. One for-sure way is putting a penny in the grooves of the tire with Old Abe’s head facing down. If you can see the top of his head…

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Tech-Loving Drivers Will Love The All New Ford Edge

If you are a driver looking for your next vehicle and that vehicle has to be loaded with innovative technological features, then you should look no further than the all-new 2018 Ford Edge.

The all new Edge has enough technology features in it to satisfy any driver. It features such technological amenities as:
  • Lane-Keeping System
  • Ambient lighting
  • BLIS with Cross-Traffic Alert
  • Ford's SYNC3 voice recognition system
  • Enhanced Active Park Assist
  • Rain-Sensing Wipers and Auto-Dimming Exterior Mirrors
  • A Front 180-Degree Camera with Washer
  • FordPass
So if these sound like features...
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