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Why Your Ford Needs a Good Washing

Car ownership is something most people look forward to from an early age. Any item placed in such high esteem is worth taking care of. A primary part of that care is a car wash. Maybe you have saved for years to get the vehicle of your dreams. Now you have it and want to keep it looking good. This means getting it washed every week to prevent the paint from chipping and to stop chrome and other decorative work from falling off.

After investing hard-earned money into a beautiful vehicle, you want to keep it in pristine condition. Compared…
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How Speeding Can Hurt Your Road Trip

Speeding can hurt your road trip in several different ways. The most typical way is getting a ticket from law enforcement. You may get pulled over by a police officer for going over the speed limit. That tends to put your road trip into reverse. It can be a real drag and ruin any momentum.

Speeding also makes those you drive with nervous. The anxiety and fear of going too fast can put a damper on your trip. You also don't allow yourself or passengers the ability to enjoy the views. A road trip is meant to be relaxing…
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MotorWeek Lauds the Exquisite 2017 Ford Explorer

If you're scouring the full-size SUV segment for your next automotive purchase then, in all likelihood, the 2017 Explorer is already on your list.

And, if it isn't, well ... it most certainly should be -- and we here at Interstate Ford would like to take a moment today to explain why that is.

Check out this crossover in the clip below; the industry experts at MotorWeek are here to give you the grand tour:

Though every Explorer engine option has its appeal, we might argue that the mid-level iteration -- a turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder -- is the best of the…

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Increased Fuel Economy Tips

Save money while driving your car. It's not a far-fetched idea. It can be done with minimal effort while keeping more money in your wallet. Gas and other fuel prices are high, and will get even higher, as more and more people are driving on the roadways and freeways.

Simply put, make sure your engine is running in tip-top condition. This means getting tune-ups at proper intervals to achieve maximum fuel economy. Spark plugs are included in this since they are the engine parts that burn air along with fuel to make the engine work.

Take the time to…
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Mad Max & Beyond - Ford 2017 C-Max Dominates

Do you remember the "Road Warrior" series with Mad Max? They were spending so much time fighting over gasoline. The original movie used a Ford vehicle. Why didn't they simply drive the fuel efficient Ford 2017 C-Max?

With the Ford 2017 C-Max Hybrid, you don't have to fight masked bad guys to drive to the local grocery store. "Who knows when the Zombie Apocalypse will be? You can't really predict such things." But, with the Ford C-Max hybrid, you can enjoy the fuel efficiency of 42 in the city and 38 on the highway. Unfortunately, there might…
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The Ford Fusion: Standard vs. The Platinum Edition

Each model of the Ford Fusion offers something cool and unique, which means choosing just one model can be difficult. Although the standard model is equipped with a ton of great features, the Platinum Edition of the 2017 Ford Fusion does offer the most bang for your buck.

The standard model of the Ford Fusion is equipped with a 2.5 liter duratec I-4 engine while the Platinum Edition is equipped with a 2.0 liter EcoBoost I-4 engine. Both models offer a 6-speed automatic transmission with the Platinum model offering select shift automatic with paddle shifters. Both the standard…
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The Importance of Routine Oil Changes

Routine maintenance and upkeep is an important part of owning a car and will ensure that your car continues to run smoothly. One of the most common services that your car will need is an oil change.

Oil is essential for keeping your car running. It helps to lubricate the moving parts of your engine thus reducing friction, damage, and long term wear. Oil needs to be frequently changed. As oil works through the engine, it picks up dirt and contaminants. Over time it becomes saturated with these particles and begins to form sludge within the engine...

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Explore Value. Explore Comfort. Explore Style.

You looked for a vehicle that your family would admire for its safety and comfort. You looked for a vehicle you would admire for its handling and features. Then you looked around and you did some research. Then you took a 2017 Ford Explorer for a drive.

You were surprised at its handling, its power, its economy.

But you were surprised most of all by its ability to truly explore. There is a reason it's called the Ford Explorer. With it, you can explore roads others only dream about. With an offered 180-degreee front camera, you will see beyond…

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Return to Park Technology a Safety Revolution for 2017 Ford Fusion

Picture it: you're making more turns than you'd like, trying to wedge your brand-new car into the tiniest of tiny parking spaces, and by the time you've evaluated curb distance, taken a look at parking lines, noted nearby pedestrians and breathed a sigh of relief, you've spent so much time in pursuit of cramming-for-the-driving-test perfection that you forget to shift into park. Suddenly, you're feeling that slow, gut-wrenching rollaway – or are you? Maybe not, if the 2017 Ford Fusion has any say in the matter. A sensor network and three electronic modules kick in – they…

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